Code of Coduct for Greenisland Golf Club

(Refer to Rule 53, Infringement of Rules and to the Disciplinary Procedure.)

The Club through its members and staff has a duty of care to fellow members, to employees, visitors and members of the public.

Members and employees are expected at all times to behave with integrity and respect for others, and to treat the Club’s property with care.

In particular, the highest standards of behaviour are required when representing the Club both at home and externally.
Acts of misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action by Council.

Such acts are, including but not limited to the following:theft fraud
physical violence harassment bullying

damage to property

insubordination or disrespect to others

misuse of clubs’ assets or identity

bringing the club into disrepute

misuse of alcohol or illegal use of drugs


bad language

abusive behaviour

failure to control the behaviour of guests

infringement of health and safety rules

showing a disregard for the rules of golf in relation to fair play and etiquette breach of confidentiality

On receipt of a report / information, which identifies an incident(s) in respect of such acts, Council through the Honorary or Assistant Honorary Secretary will initiate the Disciplinary Procedure.

Course Status
Currently closed
19.01.2018 08:52
Friday 19th January. We apologise but the course is closed until further notice.
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