Juvenile Branch

18 Hole Competitions - Every Wednesday

Each Wednesday throughout July and August the 18 hole competitions will start at 9.00am. This is open to Juvenile members with a maximum handicap of 28 for boys and 36 for girls.

9 & 6 Hole Competitions & Lesson Format

Please note that Juvenile members aged 8 years and over on or before 1st June are permitted to come along on Wednesday mornings during July and August arriving at the Golf Course no earlier than 10.00am.
Golf Lessons will commence at 11.00am for the younger players.
9 & 6 holers will tee off between 11.45 and 12.30.


Many parents have been very generous in the past and we thank them for their donations. The Juvenile Branch welcomes your continued support.
On Juvenile Captain’s Day and Gerald Wilson Day we would ask that parents supply a tray bake.

On Course Dress Code

Proper dress code applies i.e. trousers or shorts (acceptable length), shirt/tee-shirt with sleeves and collar.

Denims and tracksuits are not acceptable. Please follow the dress code if playing in open days or representing Greenisland in home/away matches etc.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Smart Casual is the code within the clubhouse with a relaxed ruling allowing smart denim.

Golf shoes are not to be worn in the Clubhouse.

When Can Juveniles Play?

Juveniles of G.G.C. are any member between the ages of 8 and 18. During July and August Juveniles must observe the following restrictions on use of the course.

Monday, Tuesday & Friday
Juveniles (male and female) under the age of 14 with handicaps over 16 must be accompanied by a full member or lady associate after 6.00pm.
Unaccompanied Juveniles (over 16 handicap) must be off the course by 6.00pm

Juvenile Golf Day – all Juveniles to be off the course by 4.30pm for men’s Competition.

Ladies’ Day – 18 holers may play when there are gaps in tee times but must give way to Ladies.

Men’s Day – Juveniles may play after 5.00pm


NB Please give way to Club matches and check notice board in back hall for society outings, opens and club competitions. You will also find this information on the club dairy online and on our social media sites.

For any queries or if you are interested in juvenile membership please contact our Junior Convenor - Peter Montgomery. You can find his contact details below:

Peter Montgomery